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About PAM


Service Union United PAM is a trade union for people working in private service sectors. PAM has about 230,000 members and 80% of them are women. The majority of PAM’s members work in retail trade, property services, security services as well as tourism, restaurant and leisure services. PAM negotiates collective agreements for service sectors and safeguards its members’ interests at workplaces.

Oulu´s hotel, restaurant and leisure industry branch 710 functions in and around Oulu. The branch has 2300 members who work in different occupations in the hotel, restaurant and leisure industry.

Through your local branch you can participate in different activities and events and influence the trade unions operation. When you join PAM you are automatically also a member of your local branch.

The branch represents its members in the trade union, makes initiatives, influences the working conditions of the service sector workers and provides services for its members.

Through your local branch you can make initiatives to improve your collective agreements, participate in education courses and leisure events, and be involved in the decision making process of future activities.


The strength of the trade union consists of its member acting together!

The trade unions can significantly influence society and the working conditions of its citizens. Each member can be involved in furthering the working conditions for the better.

When participating in events, activities and meetings the members can bring their own opinions into the equation and steer the functions of the local branch. The members can participate in the election of shop stewards and committee members. There are two annual meetings, in the spring and in the autumn where important and current issues will be discussed. You can follow our announcements from the PAM magazine. The local branch board meets up monthly so if you have any requests or want some issues to be discussed you can contact the board members directly or send an e-mail to the branch.


There are many benefits and discounts that the branch provides on top of the trade union benefits that are nationwide.

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